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How to make a Star Wars BB8 Cake


Here I made a BB8 cake using their Dome mold.

This is their 7 inches Dome mold.

Here's the full list of products I used :

I filled the mold to about 1 inch from the top. And put it in the oven to bake.

As you see it went over the rim. That permits to cut and have a perfect half round cake. Be careful when cutting it, not to cut the mold.

Here I made myself a small support for the cake. With a tread inside to screw the cake on a base.

After covering the base with some food safe paper.I put it a the bottom of the mold

Now you will see something fun.

I cover the base and the side with chocolate ganache.

I am assembling the cake in the mold and covering it with chocolate ganache at the same time.

Stack the other layer and adding some ganache between the layer.

Her is the last layer and I shall put it to chill for a few minute.

And their it is. A half sphere cake covered with chocolate ganache. See how easy it is to unmold.

Now to put cake dowel to support the other half. Making sure that they touch the wood base.

A small layer of ganache to receive some fondant

I like to put a piece of fondant between the cake and the cakeboard. Some more ganache to receive the cakeboard.

And their it is ready to receive the other half.

I know! My screw is too long.You will see why when I put the fondant why.

Here I am putting the other half.That I prepared.

Making sure that they are well align.

I cover the joint with a layer of ganache. And it is all done.

Covering it with fondant. Not easy

Having it high, permit me to cover well under the shere.

Now let make the head. Out of Rice Krispies.

Make sure that it is round under to follow the shape of the cake.

Covering it with fondant. Well strech

I use plastic film to strech the fondant. To give it a nice uniform shape.

See how the plastic film strech the fondant.

And their you have a perfect half sphere.

Using my round cutter I mark where the grey fondant will go.

Silikomart have  those amazing food color. you need just a small drop.

Let put some detail. Using picture I look at where to put some detail.

I often use plastic film to give round edge. 


I determine wich cutter I will need


Cutting the detail

I am using the adjustable rolling pin to rool the fondant out to the same tickness  as the other color.

After cutting all the pieces. I glue them to the cake.

Let make the side detail of BB8. With some food marker I draw the small line detail on the head.

If you need a name on your cake, so easy with those silicone mold.

... and here's the final result !


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